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Body shaper - Undetectable Slimming Tank

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Body shaper tee without elastic or seams - making it completely unnoticeable under your clothing!

This body shaper top smooths and shapes the middle part of your body. The body shaper is made with "hot melt" technology and features control panels located in strategic areas to help shape your figure, harmoniously defining your curves. The control panels are located on the upper abdomen, waist and lower back. 

The special design of this body shaper gives great coverage, particularly under the armpit, where it offers more control and gives you more security. There are two ways to wear this girdle, you can have either side in front. One options offers a covered bust with a low cut on the back, the other way allows you to pair this body shaper with your favorite bra while offering more coverage on the back. 

  • Smooth control body shaper tee with good coverage

  • Girdle control that comfortably molds your body

  • Localized control panels that help to shape your figure and define your curves

  • Highest level of control: upper abdomen, waist and lower back

  • Made with thermofusion technology so that it is unnoticeable under your clothes

  • Increased coverage around the sides to perfectly fit to and control your body shape

  • Soft fabric that is so thin it is unnoticeable under clothing

  • Wide straps that provide comfort and excellent support

You can wear this body shaper with either side in the front!
Two ways to wear it:

  1. Covered Bust and Enhanced Cleavage: The soft lightweight fabric that covers the bust has no body control, so it won't flatten your chest. When you wear it this way your back will be more exposed, so you can pair it with tees that are low-cut in the back.

  2. Open Bust: You can pair this girdle with your favorite bra when you wear the low neckline in the front. The straps of the body shaper lift and enhance the bust. When you wear it like this your back has more coverage.

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