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Body Signer Skin

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Body Signer Skin

Reduces up to 2 sizes instantly!

Shapes and refines buttocks and waist. Molded hips and flattens the tummy. Ideal to wear with any outfit. It has a silicone band at the top to attach to your body. It is not marked and not hurt your skin.

The SIGNER BODY SKIN is a transparent corset that helps control your belly, lift your bust, lift the buttocks, molded hips and helps correct your posture. These changes are noticeable from the moment you put your clothes. Furthermore, when used for 8 hours a day, progressive changes will help you get into better shape.

The design is made with the best SMART NET double reinforcement in the abdominal area to compact the fatty tissues and flabby in this area, being comfortable and easy to place thanks to its design.


  • Put on the belt and slide standing up as means, up to the hips. Do not let the strip is wound and take care not to damage the material with nails.
  • To model your figure, use the palm of your hand to slather on the gel to the desired location while holding the belt with the other hand.
  • Keep sliding sash upward to the bust line. Take care that the belt is not twisted, in order to ensure a perfect flat surface without wrinkles.
  • Once the band has come to the bust line, hold it with one hand and put the silicon into the socket to ensure that it stays in place next to your skin.
  • To remove the belt, slide down without allowing the material to curl.


Note: New design comes with NO LACE. Please take note!


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