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Braless Body Shaper Adriana

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Helps you reduce sizes in your waist, back and abdomen.

Body shaper helps trim your back, abdomen and waist. Has thermal latex allows reduce sizes and accelerates the reduction. Comes in panty or thong.

  • Shapes your body
  • Lift your breast


Aditional Information:

  • This garment shapes, reduces and generates a thermal action on the abdominal, waist and back area.
  • Garment adapts perfectly to the body offering high comfort.
  • Braless design that centers and enhances the bust.
  • The gradual straps offer better comfort.
  • Its design on the back helps control the adiposities that are present in this area.
  • Features an interior cotton cover that absorbs perspiration generated by the thermal action from the Rubberflex.
  • Features exterior spandex cover.


This garment is worn like active underwear underneath any type of clothing (from body-tight fashions to loose/baggy fashion styles) without the shapewear garment showing through underneath your regular clothing.

Important Healthy Tip:

As you may wear your body shaper garment everyday and/or frequently, it is a good idea to purchase 2 garments. Having two shapewear garments will enable you to always have a freshly clean garment, while the soiled one is being washed.


Instant Shaping, slimming, and flattening of the body, including stomach, waist, hips and back. Active underwear worn underneath any type of clothing (from body-tight fashions to loose/baggy fashion styles), Body Enhancement.



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