Unisex Body Spa Thermogenic Waist Trainer Hot Belt-360° Sauna sweat band for weight loss

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  • BURN BY BETTER CIRCULATION: The Hot Belt Waist Trimmer Promotes Weight Loss to Abdominal Area by Increasing Blood Flow To Stubborn Fat Cells*. Use it Every Time you Work Out. Its excellent when you Run, Walk, do Cardio, Cycling, Pilates, etc.  You Can Now Maximize Fat Loss and Burn Stubborn Belly Fat Fast by Mobilizing up to More Fat From Abdominal Area*. It’s Like a MOBILE SAUNA FOR YOUR WAIST.
  • BURN BY SAUNA EFFECT: The Hot Belt is made of an exterior layer of Neoprene which is known to retain body heat and increase body temperature, thus helping in better circulation. Use the Hot Belt while working out and your mid section will be drenching in sweat in no time. The Hot Belt is Totally Adjustable, Making Wearing it Comfortable and Effective. The Double-Velcro, Secure-Closure Provides a Fast, Easy, Light-Weight and Comfortable Fit While Staying in Place During Exercise routines.
  • A "TUMMY TUCK" BELT FOR YOU! Our High-Quality Waist Trainer Ab Belt comes in sizes up to 3XL. 
  • 360 DEGREES OF HEAT POWER: The Thermogenic material in the Hot Belt surrounds your mid section in 360 degrees, giving you the burning effect on your BELLY, MUFFIN TOP, AND BACK.  
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION! If This Isn't The Best Fat-Reducing Hot Belt You've Ever Purchased or Tried, Just Send it Back Within 30 Days For A COMPLETE Refund!

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